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Your go to Durango hardwood floor and refinishing. No matter the job, we have the know how. With our beautiful floors you are guaranteed to be walking on wood.

Our Services

Whether you are looking for Hardwood, Engineered flooring, Vinyl plank or laminate flooring, you can trust our expertise to deliver the results you expect.  We have many styles of flooring to choose from.

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New Installations

Looking for new flooring? We offer Many styles of Harwood, engineered flooring, vinyl plank, or laminate flooring with the toughest finishes available that will last for years to come. 

Once you have determined the type of wood floor you prefer, we’ll provide you with an upfront estimate and then place the order for your flooring materials.

On the scheduled date of installation, our experienced team will work diligently to lay down your wood floor according to the highest of industry standards. Once in place, they’ll apply your chosen stain and/or finish to ensure that your completed floor looks gorgeous and resists premature wear for decades to come.

Call Walk on Wood Hardwood Floors today to schedule your free onsite wood floor design consultation and estimate.  We stand behind ALL of our work.

Refinished Floors

Have your floors already lasted a lifetime?  Old Hardwood flooring may have unique characteristics not available in today’s newer woods.  Have Jerry refinish and repair your old Hardwood floors so they last for another generation.

Our hardwood floor restoration and refinishing services involve sanding, buffing, and applying the requisite number of coats of stain and/or finish to achieve the desired results. Frequently, restoration also requires our repair service, which usually involves replacing permanently damaged wood boards with wood of the same type.

With our Commercial grade Dust containment system we will leave your room as nice or nicer than it was before.  We Stand behind all of our work.

Call Jerry for a quote today!

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